Secure Image Hosting

Do you have a PayPal business or premier account with no logo ? if so, adding your own business logo to your 'checkout' page makes your online store look more professional and increases customer confidence.
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Secure Logo Image Bi-Annual Hosting Service - as easy as 1- 2 -3


STEP 1 - Order your secure logo hosting service - only £2.99 for 2 years
STEP 2 - Click Here to
STEP 3 - Paste your secure link into your PayPal Payment Processing

Thats it !

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my logo require secure hosting?

Because PayPal website is secure, unless you have a securely hosted logo image an error message will appear saying:-
"This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?"
If your customer see's this statement he may abandon the order

What is a secure server

secure (https) server .

You can determine whether or not your image is stored on a secure server by examining its URL. The URL for an image on a secure server will begin with https:// instead of http:// (Note the additional s.) You need to give your customers complete confidence in the security of their shopping experience from your web site?  When your customers go to this part of the site they will see the reassuring golden padlock in the browser and the website name preceded by https:// which means it's completely safe.

Order your secure logo hosting service - for only £2.99 for 2 years